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  • Model: NB1748
  • Manufactured by: Nittaku


Practice balls made in Japan with anti-viral and anti-bacterial specifications!

With the same feel as the J-TOP training balls, but with anti-viral and anti-bacterial specifications.

We want you to enjoy table tennis in a clean environment!

Nittaku's anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatment, single nano composite particle coating

"Medical Nanocoat

This is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial coating that keeps the surface clean by using our original technology to coat various functional inorganic materials with a particle diameter of less than 10 nanometers evenly.

(Long term effectiveness data is available from a third party organization.

Pack of 50 dozen (600 pieces): 95 yen per piece (tax not included)! Practice with many balls just like a game!

Practice balls made in Japan using a material with properties similar to those of Nittaku Pla 3 Star Premium.
"I want to practice with a ball that feels like a game ball!
"I want to practice with a lot of balls!

We have the answer!

In order to practice efficiently in a small amount of time, let's practice with practice balls that can keep the feeling of a game.
In order to practice efficiently in a small amount of time, use practice balls that will keep you feeling like you're in a game. (The price per ball is the price of one ball when purchased in a box. (The price per ball is for one ball when purchased by the box.

Click here for a box of 6 balls for your own ball!

For a box of 10 dozen (120 balls), click here!

Features of the material
☆ Flexible, yet highly impact-resistant, making it difficult to break!
No change over time, so the characteristics of the ball remain stable.
Less water absorption, so less sweat absorption and less change in weight and hitting feel.
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