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  • Model: 041210
  • Manufactured by: Tsp


Easy to use, firmly affixed water-soluble adhesive

Capacity: 50ml
Japan Table Tennis Association official recognition
how to use
① Apply to both racket and rubber sponge. Estimated quantity is 500 yen for both racket and rubber.
② Apply uniformly while holding lightly with a sponge.
③ Dry for about 15 minutes until the milky white glue becomes almost transparent.
④ Paste the racket and the rubber and press them firmly.

※ Handling Precautions
Please do not use other than bonding of rubber for table tennis. Dilute with water etc., please do not mix with other things. Please keep it out of reach of children and avoid misuse. Please use it in a well ventilated place. Please close and store the "neat" cap in a cool and dark place at 5 ° C to 35 ° C. It will freeze at 0 ℃ or lower and will not return. If you leave the skin immediately wipe it off, rinse with water. Please wash away with water when you get on your clothes. If swallowed, take treatment immediately to let you drink water and get a doctor's diagnosis. If it gets in your eyes, please rinse thoroughly with water and receive a doctor's diagnosis. If you are latex allergy please refrain from using.

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